Cookie Cutting Business Strategy

Franchising is the most dynamic method of replicating a business concept ever created in business history. Franchising now covers the whole world with amazing new franchised concepts born every day. Franchising is THE way to grow FAST if you can meet the criteria of becoming a franchisor. DCG and its founders Ted van Samang and Farhad Dordar have developed more franchise systems and sold ( selected ) more franchisees than anyone else in Canada. Ted van Samang alone has sold more than 1,000 franchises. DCG is creating a system to develop a fast business replicating organization like no one else in Canada and the US.

DCG has given this easy and straight forward TEST to over 500 potential franchisors over the last 30 years. It’s an amazingly accurate measurement on whether you can become a franchisor.
Assign a rating of 1 to 5 points for each Question 1 for a NO, and 5 for a YES!
1/ Does your business have an established track record for 3 years?
2/ Do you and your partners have experience in the business greater than the period of time your business has been in operation?
3/ Does your business have more than 5 locations?
4/ During the time your business has been in operation, has it maintained net profits of $80,00-$100,000 per year?
5/ Does the business generate repeat customers on a frequency greater than 2 times @ month?
6/ Does the business attract customers from a 5 kilometer radius or more
7/ Do you have at least $100K to develop the franchise concept or franchise package?
8/ Do you or your partners have business or management experience greater than 10 yrs?
9/ Will the start up cash requirements for franchisees be less than $100 K?
10/ Are the initial training requirements less than 3 months?
11/ Does your business have regional/national potential?
12/ Rate the competitiveness of your industry and your concept?
13/ Are you receiving any franchise inquiries?
14/ Have you read the E-Myth ? How familiar are you with the E-Myth?
15/ To what degree have you systemized your business so far?
What’s you total score?

1 + 5 =