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We provide selected companies with a “turn-key” method of accelerated business success.Our unique service wraps 3 individual growth strategies into 1 powerful ROCKET of fast growth and profits

.The D Vision business Educational Programs Help entrepreneurs to learn about systematization and growth

  1. Franchise development utilizing small business entrepreneurs and
  2. Taking companies public to raise growth capital

Mission Statement

Our DCG Business Groups are extraordinary successful business people with proven world class success in Raising Capital, Making Companies Pubic in USA, Franchising, Business Management, and Standardization. They have come together to assist selected and high growth oriented companies to reach their business goals directly and quickly using digital technology, objective and holistic thinking, proven experience and connections as well as energized working “on” the business strategies. We believe that we have created a unique, all-inclusive growth formula that has not been available till now in our digitally saturated world

The D Vision is a dynamic and unique business process that can be used by any business anywhere in the world to be the ultimate accelerator of business success.  The D Vision has it origins in the deep understanding and application of the E-Myth  Business systematization and working closely with Michael Gerber, the founder of the E-Myth concept. The E Myth and the E-Myth related books are the best selling business books in the world according to the New York Times. The D Vision begins where the E Myth finishes.



The D Vision is digitized and exponential version of the E Myth with much faster and better results. The D Vision is ultimate and most effective solution ever created in resolving the horrible track record of business failures in the small/medium business sector.


Franchises are 90% successful and use all of the processes that the D Vision offers including strategic planning, replication and systematization programs  and the view from the “30,000 feet level”  providing and objective and holistic view


A franchising company can gain many benefits from going public; liquidity, the ability to raise capital, prestige, greater perceived value in the marketplace and the ability to make acquisitions using stock. It’s is proven fact that big publicly traded franchising companies out-perform their small privately owned counterparts.


DCG Franchising experts assisted with the negotiation and the sale of the Canadian Master Franchise for The UPS Store in 1998. At that time the company was called Mail Boxes Etc.(MBE) and was later purchased by UPS. This highly successful master franchise sale has resulted in the growth of nearly 400 franchised UPS locations in Canada.


Master Franchise, UPS

Our franchising Team reached an agreement in 2005 with the Spectra Group of Companies
to “retrofranchise” 20 corporately owned Bread Garden Restaurants. In less than 18 months Our Experts sold
all 20 high profile locations to qualified franchisees raising approximately $14,000,000 cash.


Bread Garden

REMAX is the largest real estate service company in the world. Prior to the name REMAX, the company operated under several brands ( Realty World ) before absorbing them into a singular brand REMAX. Ted was the Franchise Director for Realty World and assisted with selling over 400 franchises throughout Canada.



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