D Vision Program

The D Vision program is anti-business-failure solution. It’s based on a unique, strategic mindset and business philosophy that has been highly successful so many times with our clients.


Franchising is the most dynamic method of replicating a business concept ever created in business history. Franchising now covers the whole world with amazing new franchised concepts born every day

Going Public

Going public can help franchising or private companies which have great potential for growth and idea to gain many benefits like; liquidity, Ability to raise capital, prestige, greater perceived value in the marketplace and the ability to make acquisitions using stock!

Our Story

The DCG Business concept is created by Farhad Dordar and Ted Van Samang as founders. They are business partners for many years, and they have come together to build a unique and powerful Business strategy to accelerate business growth in the digital era.DCG main focuses are based on the most powerful business education, Proven replication strategies and public companies.

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