The Innovative Business Education

Farhad Dordar, FOUNDER/CEO

Farhad has been an entrepreneur since age 16, coming up with new ideas and ways of making successful businesses. He obtained his black belt in Tae kwon do and Karate. Shortly after that, he became a qualified instructor of Martial Arts and began to operate his own schools at age 20. By age 23, he was selected as a Karate national team member. He was then appointed to be the National President of the kickboxing organization, with over 5,000 members. In parallel to this, from ages 23-26, Farhad attended University for business management. He travelled from Japan to North America in order to learn about different cultures, businesses, and to be able to gain international experience.

Farhad is the founder of World Sport Kickboxing Federation (SKF), with over 100,000 members worldwide, and KFitness franchise organization for North America.

Farhad is a recognized leader, world champion, and motivator to thousands of followers worldwide in both sport and business. Confidence, focus, and organizational skills are attributed to Farhad’s personality and leadership skills. His business skills are in the areas of business systemization, management processes, and the ability to work with team members of different cultures effectively. These qualities have led to the creation of DCG and D-Vision, which deals with exponential business development systems. Farhad believes, “there is a place in our lives where the inner champion is always ready to emerge, considering how frequently we encounter obstacles to create a holistic life.”

Ted van Samang, FOUNDER/COO

Ted Van Samang has worked with passion and dedication to become an expert and professional Franchise Developer in Canada for the past 30 years.  He has created his own franchising companies and has helped many other client franchising companies to become successful franchisors.  Through his extensive franchise sales and marketing efforts, Ted and his teams have sold over 1,000 franchises.  Ted has also been the founder/CEO of a number of Canadian public companies and combined with his franchising ventures and clients, has raised over $100 Million.

Ted was the founder of Ruffage, a 90 unit franchised chain of healthy fast food restaurants well known in shopping centre food courts across Canada.  Ted also purchased the Western Canadian brand the Bread Garden Bakery & Cafe (150 units) and turned this into a franchising organization before it was sold to a US based restaurant group.

As a Master Franchisor, Ted assisted with the early Canadian development of the UPS Stores, Remax, Ramada Hotels, and other US and international companies franchising companies.  His client list also includes;  Kins Fresh Food Markets, KFitness, Look International, Subway, Waves Coffee, Take 5 Coffee, Creative Curb, Taco Don, and many other Canadian and US franchisors.

He has written and presented educational material currently used by the IFA and has recently completed an innovative educational series on franchising and business systemization processes called the D VISION.  Ted’s background also includes working with the E Myth Mastery program in Canada and the US and has coached hundreds of small businesses to use the E Myth concept for strategic business and personal success.